He Brews Coffee House Ministry

(Taylor, MI) One of my kids actually saw this sign first, and I laughed so hard I had to double back on Telegraph Road to get a picture of the sign for He Brews Coffee House Ministry. You can follow the link to the church's website if you have doubts as to the authenticity of the church, which is operated by pastors Butch and Barbara Kittle.

Now, the trend toward offering coffee drinks in churches is certainly not new, but the humorous java marketing of He Brews is unique. Pastor Butch also joins in on guitar during the services, and I imagine that the highly caffeinated service should be active, if nothing else.

The copy sign in the lower part of the picture mentions that "cruisers park free," and I am not sure if this includes recreational vehicles, but I would make sure my RV insurance was paid up, just in case. Taylor is not quite Detroit, but it is well known for auto thefts.