Summer Thunderstorm

It is just a summer thunderstorm that I am experiencing as I write this post, just an ordinary opening of the heavens that results in a heavy downpouring of rain. Add in some hail and a fair amount of nearby lightning strikes, and the result is a storm that is both entertaining and, at times, a bit frightening.

Though I am a dedicated radar-watcher, the intensity of this afternoon's storm caught me off guard. Only an hour had passed since I last scanned the local radar, and what would develop into a moderate-sized cell was but a speck. I first noticed the storm as I was weeding, and the black clouds quickly rolled in and blotted out the sun.

So I shifted gears and decided to work on lecture prep as the clouds emptied much-needed water on my parched lawn and gardens. This is a storm best viewed from within the confines of my home, and I type this post on an unplugged laptop to avoid stray electrical spikes.

So I switch to a Beatles song to set the mood:

Rain, I don't mind.
Shine, the weather's fine.
I can show you that when it starts to rain,
(When the Rain comes down.)
Everything's the same.
(When the Rain comes down.)
I can show you, I can show you.
Rain, I don't mind.