Meet Louis, a Rescue Puggle

On your left is the one and only Louis, a 24-pound male Puggle we just rescued from a local animal shelter. Louis is a younger dog, probably just over a year in age - far too young to worry about such matters as eye cream - and he has the higher energy level typical of Puggles, though he is not overly excitable.

Louis gets along well with our other dogs, especially our younger Puggles, and he loves to run around the yard and chase anything that catches his attention. Louis is very affectionate, and he seems to crave being hugged and petted, suggesting that these were somewhat lacking in his previous home. When we got home he ran and played for an hour with the other Puggles, but as soon as I started rubbing his chest, he rolled right over on his back and was mesmerized by the affection.

I just started working with Louis on training, and it appears that he has had little to date, so his new owners will need to be patient as Louis gets accustomed to a leash. In his first day he has been using the outdoors for his restroom business, though it is too soon to officially pronounce him "housebroken."

To learn more about adopting Louis, or if you want to help financially support Planned Pethood's mission to rescue dogs and cats in Northwest Ohio, visit the Planned Pethood website for more information.