My Holiday and Viral Hiatus, Plus a Resolution

I originally planned to jump-start my blogging during this holiday season, now that I have finished my doctoral quest after several months of furious dissertation-writing, but a combination of a busy holiday schedule and a pair of moderate viral illnesses have sapped both my time and energy the last nine days or so. I hope to get back to the business of writing tomorrow, and my goal for 2010 is to reinvigorate this blog.

Over the past year the blog has lost a sense of focus, at least from my perspective. One of the sources of frustration for me has been my failure to keep up with reader dialogue, which is really the heart of any successful blog. The two-way conversations have always been more important to me than standing at the virtual podium and pounding my fists, and in 2010 I plan to return to a more active role in the blogosphere and other virtual communities.

After all: now all I have to do is work a full-time job like everyone else. This will be the first time since the year 2001 that I have not been juggling full-time school and work (plus my busy family life), and I suspect that some of the "found" time will be filled with blog-related activities.

But for today I must travel and see some relatives, pausing only to gorge at the holiday table. I hope that your holiday weekend is equally joyous!