New Year Resolutions

I fall into the camp of those who create and attempt to keep resolutions each New Year, and I figured that the start of the new decade was no time to break tradition. My track record in living up to my resolutions leaves something to be desired, though I did lose 25 pounds in 2009 (though I added about six of those back while chained to my laptop in full-out dissertation mode this fall).

Here, then, are my principal resolutions for the New Year; I reserve the right to completely disregard my resolutions and to deny I ever made them in the first place:

1. Get under and stay under 200 pounds for the first time since the late 1990s.
2. Exercise every day.
3. Get two articles published in peer-reviewed journals.
4. Get my dissertation accepted for publication as a monograph.
5. Have fun.

Feel free to leave any resolutions in the Comments section - I promise not to hold them against you if you do not succeed in keeping your 2010 resolutions.