Profiting from the Haitian Earthquake Disaster

While surfing eBay a few minutes ago, I had the idea to check and see if any vendors were offering merchandise related to the deadly Haitian earthquake. Sure enough, a seller with the screen name of togowidget is offering commemorative T-shirts for the low, low price of $34.95 USD.

These 100% polyester white T-shirts feature prints of a ribbon version of the Haitian flag on the front along with arm prints of the Haitian flag and a map of the Caribbean. The seller does not currently list any charities associated with the sale of the shirts, so I assume that all T-shirt profits go to the seller.

Of course, there is no law that says a merchant cannot profit from the sale of commemorative merchandise, even in the midst of a disaster that might claim the lives of 100,000 Haitian citizens. Still, one wonders how such a person sleeps at night.

Also, in case the link gets yanked by eBay, I saved a screen shot for posterity:

Left: eBay offer of Haitian earthquake T-shirts for $34.95; click for larger image

I also have another reason for posting this screen shot - should togowidget decide to change the offer and donate a few dollars to relief efforts, I have a degree of protection against an idiotic defamation lawsuit. Anyone who would profit from tragedy probably would not hesitate to sue a blogger who writes about said profiteering.

Funny: I was just mentioning to a friend how little in the news these days made me fired up enough to write a blog post. Thanks, togowidget, for restoring my faith in the sickening greed that a few human beings can exhibit in times of turmoil and chaos.