A Rib Fracture Story

No, this is not an X-ray of my own ribs - I found a public domain image at Wikimedia Commons and posted it here. If I had actually posted my own X-ray, though, it would look like this.

I wish I had an exciting story to post, but I actually fractured my rib while sitting in the chair in my office. My dog kept bringing over a tennis ball for me to throw, and she dropped it about three feet away from the chair. I leaned over, and the arm of the chair mangled my rib as I awkwardly half-fell, half-sprawled out of my chair.

Luckily, the break did not protrude and puncture my lung, but who knew office chairs could be so dangerous? Friends: never play fetch with a dog while rolling around in an office chair.

Bad things can happen.

My ER visit lasted three hours, and I told my wife I would have been highly pissed if I sat there all that time to find out the rib will heal just fine while having the doctor prescribe ibuprofen or something. At least the physician was considerate enough to write a prescription for lodine and Tylenol-3. The combined analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of this pair seemed to take the edge off the pain quite nicely without creating a stoned effect.