On Railroad Crossings and Daydreaming

I deliberately park long distances from my destinations on my various journeys in an effort to force myself to increase my walking. Over the course of the past seven months I put back on 18 of the 25 pounds I lost last summer, and the more I walk, the more I lose.

Thus today I parked at least a half mile west of the BGSU campus and walked through some neighborhoods en route to my regular office hours. In the middle of my hike I began to think about some of the seeds I intended to plant today, and I also thought about planting some of the sunflower seeds I set out for the birds and squirrels to see if they would produce attractive flowers, and


The railroad crossing I was approaching sounded its alarm and interrupted my perambulated reverie. After recovering from my momentary adrenaline rush, I looked each way down the tracks and decided to continue on my way. No trains appeared on the horizon, yet it seemed odd to be defying the vehicular maxim of never crossing train tracks when the boom gates are lowered.

My daydreaming, however, did not survive the aural onslaught of the railroad crossing, and I suspect that any future needs for products like Prevera just got bumped forward a few months.