Trampoline Stupidity

I am not sure of the origin of this video, which I uploaded as a GIF animation. However, I never ceased to be amazed at the level of stupidity that trampolines seem to bring to the surface in some people.

The jumper appears to be a grown man, and the prevalence of toys suggest that he has indeed produced progeny. I can only hope that they did not watch dear old Dad make an Internet fool of himself by jumping from a second-story window onto the trampoline below.

Or perhaps it would be useful for his children to see their father's head smack the bricks of the house on the rebound. Maybe the apples will fall farther from the proverbial tree if they used Dad's idiocy as a learning tool.

UPDATE: On a video version of the trampoline jump out the second story window, it sounds like the person filming the jump says "Your mom, your mom, your mom" when the woman approaches. This suggests that the jumper might be a person in his late teens or early twenties and more interested in determining the best acne treatment, thus improving the chances that Captain Imbecile will not procreate.