The Perils of Failing to Proofread

Despite the fact that I teach college for a living (and in the writing-heavy field of history) I am not normally a grammar or spelling Nazi in the real world. Yes, I have my pet peeves, such as writers who start using apostophe's where apostrophe's are not needed as plural's in sentence's, but other than my stance as a radical apostrophist, I am quite forgiving of poor spelling and tortured grammar.

Still, occasionally I have to scratch my head at the benighted efforts of business owners when they create advertising with spelling or grammatical errors. Such was the case with the gutter cleaning entrepreneur, who promised "debree-free" gutters in a Xeroxed flyer that appeared on my porch today.

Perhaps the owner is being deliberately cute here, misspelling the word "debris" in an attempt to appeal to the sort of person who thinks it is kewl to spel badd 'n' stuff. But to most of the literate world, misspellings reflect poorly on a business owner.

Jess sayin', dood.