1966: Animated Incredible Hulk Episode

This may very well be the most poorest quality animation I have ever seen, but watching the first episode of the Marvel Comics cartoon The Incredible Hulk filled me with nostalgia:

I did glean a few interesting historical insights from this, like the presence of the evil Russian-sounding assistant Igor in a Cold War era cartoon. I also found interesting a conversation with Doctor Bruce Banner's girlfriend, who was told by her father to pipe down:

"Keep out of this Betty: it's man talk."

Also intriguing was the presence of a proto-hippie who wandered into the desert testing site for the gamma bomb. As Banner tried to rescue the hipster (an effort that ultimately exposed him to gamma radiation) the cool cat tried to dismiss Banner: "Cool man: it's a free country, right?"

Give it a quick watch: there are worse ways to spend six-and-a-half minutes, and you also get to hear the cheesy theme song: "That ever-lovin' Hulk.... Hulk, Hulk."