Humorous Weather Icon

I am not sure if this is a new graphic at, my favorite weather site, but I chuckled when I saw the fog icon this morning. The graphic features an out-of-focus automobile with its lights on, suggesting the conditions a motorist would face in foggy conditions.

Then after I thought about this further, I struggled to think of another image that might convey the nature of fog. A blank gray blotch would capture the gloominess and lack of visibility, but a website visitor might mistake this for a coding error.

Perhaps fog simply lacks the more spectacular meteorological extravaganza of, say, a thunderstorm or a blizzard, and the best image we can create to represent fog is one that captures the effects of the weather, rather than the weather itself.

Anyways, the fog was short-lived in Northwest Ohio, and by dawn it had mostly evaporated around my house.