On Saturday Morning College Classes

I am teaching a Saturday morning course this semester in Ohio History that is geared toward: a) people seeking a teaching certificate in secondary social studies; and b) people who work during the week. The class runs from 8:00 am to noon on alternate Saturdays, and this accelerated pace means that we meet only eight times.

This is the first time I ever taught on Saturday mornings, and I have to admit I went into the class with some assumptions about the sorts of people who would be inclined to sign up for such a class. In my (mistaken) mind, I thought I would have a class full of slackers who would roll in two hours late and sleep the rest of the allotted time.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

In actuality I have almost a dream class, at least based on the first day. Of the 33 students at least 30 were in the room by 8:03 or so, and almost everyone was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Lots of folks came in already wired on coffee, and the intelligence level was quite high, as I was peppered with quite a few smart questions (and zero not-so-smart questions).

I also found that this time slot attracted quite a few non-traditional adult students, the kind who take excellent notes and contribute lively and thoughtful conversation at the discussions. In fact, while I did not plan to coast through this class (I take seriously my role in college teaching), I think I will have to prepare a bit more thoroughly than I would for a class heavier on young adult undergraduates: the vast majority of these students work full-time, and they are the kind of students who demand excellence during every minute of lecture.

I had better make sure my coffee pot is plugged in and fired up on Saturday mornings.