Phone Harassment

Over the past few hours come local nutjob has been making profanity-laden calls to my private residence. I was originally going to simply ignore the tele-stalker, but instead I am going to publish the numbers from which the idiot called me.

Both numbers showed up on the caller ID as "Pay Phone," but it is not difficult to create a fake caller ID signature. Moreover, both numbers switch over to what sounds like a fax machine after a few rings, leading me to believe that my stalker has access to multiple fax machines and is using the fax machines to hide his activity.

Phone number 1: 419-865-4979

Phone number 2: 419-729-2593

I have my suspicions about who would be calling me from Holland, OH and then somewhere near the Point Place neighborhood 30 minutes apart, but I will keep them to myself for the moment. Local news junkies probably know of a disturbed individual with such a stalking history who has a residence and a business that match these descriptions, but we will refrain from making accusations at this point. I am just documenting the lunatic's behavior at this point, filing the necessary reports with corporate and police agencies. Besides, if others are receiving harassing or threatening phone calls, it will be useful for the recipients if these numbers show up on a future Internet search.

And if by chance Mr. Stalker reads this? Get a life, dude: there are much better ways to spend your time than making harassing phone calls.