Montreal Organ Grinder

(Montreal, QC) Though in some parts of the world an organ grinder might be vilified, I took a moment to listen to the music and singing of the street musician pictured on your left. I also found intriguing the musician's attempt at a period costume, resembling as he did the sort of busker one might find in fin de siècle Paris or London.

Unfortunately, before I walked back across the street to talk with the organ grinder, an annoying woman with a New York accent interrupted him. She insisted on a picture with the organ grinder, which her husband took, and then chatted with him before I grew weary of waiting for her to finish yakking.

Best part: she sucked up five minutes of his time and didn't even toss him a quarter: Gimme, gimme, gimme, then "see ya!"

And we wonder why Americans sometimes have a negative reputation around the world. Some of us can't even toss a humble hurdy-gurdy performer some change after making use of his services.